We are committed to supporting, educating and promoting treatment for individuals and families struggling with substance use disorders.
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We have weekly meetings and events for support.

This Week @ PATH  Click here

2/24 PATH @ Rush Copley Medical Center

2/26 PATH @ Naperville

2/28 PATH @ Wheaton


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3/2 PATH @ Frankfort

3/2 PATH @ Rush Copley Medical Center

3/4 PATH @ Plainfield

3/6 PATH @ Wheaton


.By supporting each other we can begin to heal ourselves and our loved ones.  We offer weekly support group meetings, online support through our Facebook page and a list of resources for holistic support.


Walking the path of addiction can be challenging. We provide a list of resources available which offer different approaches when dealing with addiction. Our Resource Guide is available as a pdf printout in this section, as well as other options to assist you on this path.


Education is essential in assisting a loved one with the disease of addiction. We can assist family members with information about various treatment facilities, key books, publications and websites; as well as information on current news and legislation.

We are here for you.