We are committed to supporting, educating and promoting treatment for individuals and families struggling with substance use disorders.
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We have weekly meetings and events for support.


.By supporting each other we can begin to heal ourselves and our loved ones.  We offer weekly support group meetings, online support through our Facebook page and a list of resources for holistic support.


Walking the path of addiction can be challenging. We provide a list of resources available which offer different approaches when dealing with addiction. Our Resource Guide is available as a pdf printout in this section, as well as other options to assist you on this path.


Education is essential in assisting a loved one with the disease of addiction. We can assist family members with information about various treatment facilities, key books, publications and websites; as well as information on current news and legislation.

he Path to Recovery Foundation is temporarily suspending all in person meetings in Plainfield, Naperville, Frankfort, the Rush Copley Medical Center and the DuPage County Community Center for the rest of March. 

We are now holding online meetings Zoom and our next meeting will held on Wednesday, March 25 at 11:00 am CDT. Here is the meeting information. Click on the link below and enter the password if prompted:


Meeting ID: 744 549 729

Password: 843824

New meeting information will also be available on our web site and our Facebook page:


We are here for you.